amanda OSBORNE

Amanda gained insights and perspectives on creating wellness practices during her 20 years of employment in senior and mental health care. ​Amanda has been a Project Manager for several Federal Government pilot projects in both British Columbia and Alberta. These pilot projects strived to provide sustainable food for the homeless population, improve the essential skills of adults ​living with a mental illness, and also to create viable employment opportunities for adults living with mental health concerns.

Her journey for creating greater balance and harmony in her own life led her to obtaining her Feng Shui Practitioner certification from Mount Royal University in 2014. She has created BTB Feng Shui solutions to enrich the relationship between the person and their surroundings.  


​She has presented as a keynote speaker on workplace mental health to numerous for profit and non-profit businesses, including Alberta Health Services and the Calgary Police Department. 


For the past 5 plus years, Amanda has been instructing For Adults who Interact with Youth and Basic Mental Health First Aid. Amanda’s passion is to enable people to assist others in their time of crisis by providing them with the understanding, knowledge and effective strategies. Amanda's aim with providing mental health first aid training is to increase mental health literacy and to reduce the stigma associated with mental health.


Amanda provides Mental Health First Aid and  St. John Ambulance Emergency and Standard First Aid training through the St. John Ambulance Council. As a facilitator, she offers an interactive classroom environment and tailors her instructing style to meet the needs of the participant’s knowledge base, background and abilities. 

She is currently a board member of the Calgary Police Services Persons with Disabilities Chief Advisory Board, and publishes the Facebook resource page the Calgary Mental Health Network, is a member of the Calgary Council for Addictions and Mental Health.